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Track and ensure overall Maintenance System cost efficiency
These services ensure Inventory Record Accuracy by providing Just In Time philosophy.
In addition to inventory control systems, Cates & Associates provides full service Maintenance Systems Development encompassing:

Development of Technical Library
Our Maintenance consultants can provide your business with health audits of all equipment, and from this, a bill of materials for each piece of equipment on production lines.  From these BOMs, your Maintenance team will be able to pull a parts list for scheduled down times, shoot that list to the storeroom and have a kit of maintenance parts put together and delivered to the Maintenance people at the point of repair.  These complete BOMs also help the plant to know what assets are in the facility and have them documented as required by law.  Cates & Associates can provide to the Maintenance planners parts technicians to catalog parts for existing equipment as well as new initiatives these techs will be the go between for the Maintenance team and the storeroom to insure that critical spares are documented, and ordered, stocked, or on stand by from vendors for future need.

SAP Qualified Maintenance System Trainers

Since 1999 Our Maintenance and Storeroom consultants have worked primarily in SAP system for all computer tracking and inventory.  Our first hand knowledge of SAP linked with Maintenance and Storeroom experience has transitioned well with our ability to train our client’s employees.  We have the resources available to run your sites Maintenance program, or supply consultants to train your people to do the job better for you.
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  Leveraging Rollouts:

Via one of the various inroads we have with stores operations (i.e. central database, catalogers, SAP or stores operations) we have either directly developed or been a party too, all major SR CBA enhancements in our existing clients’ facilities.

Having experience in working the peripheral areas of the businesses which interface heavily with the storeroom (maintenance, operations, start-up, purchasing, accounting etc.) we bring a unique perspective and understanding of the value provided by a quality run stores operation.

Once initial guidance is provided we have the ability via Cates developed methods to assimilate data across our networks quickly and with minimal cost to our client. We maintain a database of information including CBA’s, SOP’s and OJT’s that we can cross pollinate between sites while still allowing for refinement at a particular site. In addition, feedback and input are instantaneous as our ability to effectively deliver these processes is integral to our monthly scorecard reviews so inefficiencies or preferred methods are quickly ascertained and implemented.
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